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what is web hosting?

Once a website is built, it contains hundreds of electronic files that must be distributed to people who view your site. A hosting company's job is to provide a computer that is connected to the Internet at all times & capable of serving numerous requests at one time. Think of your desktop computer on steroids with an ultra high-speed connection. A hosting company's computers are called servers because their primary job is to distribute or serve information to their users.

What is the largest expense with hosting ?

There is one simple answer: Quality Bandwidth. As you may already know, a fast Internet connection is more expensive than a dial-up connection. A quality host provides a connection that makes the fastest residential access seem like dial-up. At The Info India, our hosting connection utilizes only the highest quality, tier one, bandwidth. We purchase it from every major tier one provider and absolutely no one else.

Tier one providers deliver the fastest and most reliable connections to the Internet;they are at the top of the Internet food chain and the last to lose a connection. Ever noticed how Yahoo, Google and MSN always seem to be available when the rest of the Internet is running slow? They only use tier one providers.

Many hosting companies purchase at least some of their bandwidth from "discount" suppliers such as tier two or even three. Their cost may be lower, but there is a definite tradeoff in performance. Since extra seconds cause valuable visitors to leave a site, we provide the only the highest level of service possible at the best available price.

What types of hosting are available ?

Our Windows/Linex platforms deliver both ASP and PHP solutions.

What about email accounts ?

Our email is fully-supported by most email programs, including Outlook & Outlook Express. You can also view your mail from virtually any web browser while you are away from the office. We include email accounts with our hosting service or you can purchase email hosting as a stand-alone service.