Server Abuse Handling

Welcome to The Info India - Installations Department Abuse Handling. Here you'll find plans which help you tackle abuse related problems like.

  • Spamming
  • DOS
  • Phishing

Server Optimization Service

Is your server running slow lately? Do you feel that the services on the server are not using the resources properly? Does your critical service stop responding frequently?

Then this plan is just for you.

Sign-up for our Server Optimization package and get your problems sorted out.

DDOS Mitigation

Is DDOS killing your server? The DDOS Mitigation experts at The Info India will help you get the best solution available to take care of the DDOS attack on your server.

Spam Killer

Do you face frequent problems with spammers? Then this plan is for you. With this one time service, we ensure any outgoing / incoming bulk spamming from/to your server is detected and resolved.