IT Consultancy

Within the enterprise, raises concerns about protecting data and ensuring privacy.

Financial Services The Info india thin client terminals provides Financial Services organizations with reliable and secure access to applications and information-allowing institutions to deploy new services faster, improve customer service, control risk and reduce costs. From one location, IT can deploy new applications and information without touching a single desktop, and deliver legacy applications over the Web without rewriting a single line of code. Heterogeneous environments resulting from mergers and acquisitions can be integrated into a single cohesive enterprise, with all users enjoying reliable, high-speed performance, even over low-bandwidth connections.

Healthcare : The Info India client solutions provide seamless, secure access to administrative and clinical applications-for greater security, improved productivity and lower costs. Applications and information are easily Web-enabled and securely delivered to any device, at any location, over any connection-enabling healthcare organizations to meet the challenges of today.

Manufacturing : The Info india client solutions in Manufacturing can improve a company's competitive position by enabling seamless, secure access to enterprise applications and information on-demand-from shop floor to executive office.

Government Today more than ever, government depends on the ability to access, share and act on vital information-across functions, agencies and borders. Moral Tradings thin client terminals provides public servants seamless, secure access to the mission-critical applications and information required for effective response to emergencies, recovery from disasters and delivery of basic services.

Education : Moral Trading provides school districts and higher education institutions with the most advanced in server hosted desktops, creating a quality learning environment in classrooms, libraries and computer labs. Thin client environments are less expensive, easier to manage, and more secure than traditional desktop PC infrastructures. Students only have access to the applications provided by the school so no viruses or spyware can be downloaded, minimizing troubleshooting problems. Traditional PCs use 124 watts of power, while our thin clients use 10-30 watts, a difference of 75%-85%. This means additional cost-savings.

IT consultancy service is provided by us under the guidance of experienced IT consultants who minimize the risk during times of change. This consultancy can simply be about gaining value on the purchase of new hardware or software, developing an internet strategy, choosing new suppliers or recruiting staff. Our IT consultants can also provide valuable help when more than one IT supplier seems to be giving conflicting information and an independent view point is required.

The Info India is a part of the Synapse India Group - CMMI Level-3 certified, Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and leading IT consulting company based in India. We offer end-to-end web-enabled solutions and IT consultancy services to enable businesses to enjoy better ROI from effective online presence.

Especially fitting to the functioning of SMEs, our focused and customized web and software consultancy services are targeted to meet the factors of usability, quality and cost-effectiveness. Domain experience, knowledge of diverse business verticals and ability to offer customized solutions render us the capability of a professional web and software consultant ensuring value-driven solutions and services.

Following are some of the areas where we can come to your help :

Offshore Software Development Consultancy :

We are an Indian software consultant company known for our authoritative capability in offering result-oriented solutions for SMEs across the globe. While our base in India helps us to deliver cost-efficient service, our longstanding industry experience equips us with requisite technical and business understanding to ensure quality solution. CMMI- level 3 certification authenticates the efficaciousness of our process control measures to meet the unique demands of our clients with scalable solution.

ebusiness Consultancy :

From web design, web development to internet marketing - the range of our web consultancy solutions includes everything that touches to the medium of internet. We are here to offer you solutions and services that are designed to meet your exact need and pocket. If it's about setting up of an electronic purchasing platform, supply chain management interface, electronic order processing system, or integrating third-party security interface - for right consultancy and to help you attain your goals faster we are here.

IT Outsourcing Consulting :

The Info India is a premiere Indian IT outsourcing consultant that offers solutions for every online need. Our solutions are developed while keeping a focus of the result and designed to enable you to harness maximum of the Internet, contact-centers and other such sources to generate better ROI. The need to rationalize IT expenditure, align IT with business objectives, meet regulatory requirements, choose the right solution and the rise of eCommerce and new technologies such as SOA and virtualization are driving the IT consulting service market.

The report forecasts the market size of IT consulting service over the period 2007-2010. Further, the total market is segmented into various geographic regions and verticals. The report also presents markets size for major countries in various regions. In addition, the report identifies major selling drivers for the IT consulting service for the major verticals. This report can help IT vendors identify target geographies and verticals. Further, the identified sales drivers can be used to penetrate the identified vertical or increase current share of the customer's wallet.

TheInfoIndia Insights is a set of reports based on TheInfoIndia - a market intelligence platform for the IT industry. It builds on the intelligence available within TechNavio, and leverages on the custom research experience of the 'Technology Navigators'. TechNavio is built on years of experience of Infiniti Research in deep dive custom research and consulting for over 30 Fortune 500 companies and numerous large and mid-sized companies.