Catalog Designing

The Info India Has a long history of very successful catalogue design work. Both the layout of our studios, and our workflow processes, were designed with catalogue design and brochure design at the forefront of our minds. Our state-of-the-art photographic studio houses three high quality, flexible digital camera systems allowing for highly productive multiple shoots where required; together with a design studio team of award winning creative directors, designers and art workers all with many years of catalogue design experience.

We specialise in producing catalogue designs for companies requiring high-end photography and design - catalogue designs that require thought and care to produce.

Our policy is to take the time to understand your company's products, business and target market to ensure the success of the catalogue design.

Research shows that the most successful retailers use catalogues as an important marketing vehicle. People routinely request and browse catalogues prior to purchasing. At Pindar we understand this and are able to provide a full range of catalogue creative, design and production services. Many companies assume their catalogue is a brochure to show off their brand and products, without understanding how catalogues work as an important sales mechanism.

When designing catalogues we focus on the customer experience and ask :

  • How is the brand communicated ?
  • How do the important pages communicate ?
  • How the shopper browses?
  • How their eye takes in the pages?
  • How do you make it easy and satisfying for a consumer to buy ?

Our design team understands the entire production process: from initial mock-up to repro, from pre-press to printing and fulfilment, we have experts who can help you make the most cost effective decisions at every stage.

A well designed catalogue should: Promote your brand effectively by imagery and copy Sell and reinforce your brand promise and experience Showcase and sell your product range Respect the mechanics of psychology and physiology of browsing Make it clear on how to purchase Clearly explain your terms of trade Work hand in hand with your website